Valley quick to help Oklahoma with disaster relief

FRESNO, Calif.

Oklahoma officials have a message for folks who want to help but aren't in the immediate area. They say the best way to help is to donate to volunteer organizations.

American Red Cross volunteers fanned out around the Valley to collect donations for Oklahoma tornado victims.

So many are in need. The Red Cross says financial donations are the easiest way to help feed and shelter victims of the severe storm.

"We will set up and can produce thousands of meals a day to feed everyone," said Regier. "We have emergency response vehicles that actually go out to the affected areas to people who maybe don't want to leave their home."

The Red Cross has opened several shelters around Oklahoma. Dana Regier says the Valley response has been swift.

Regier said, "We always have a wonderful response from the people of the Valley and we know that a lot of people here have connections back there."

The Salvation Army doesn't just collect holiday donations. Captain Dwaine Breazeale says it also lends a helping hand during disasters, feeding victims and first responders.

"We have five or six of our mobile kitchens that are on location there," said Captain Dwaine Breazeale. "Some of them will be assigned to do mass feedings in lone location where they'll be set up in tents."

The Salvation Army also offers fellowship to the victims and their families.

Local Red Cross volunteers are set to fly to Oklahoma to assist families.

You can make a one-time $10 donation by texting "REDCROSS" to 9-0-9-9-9. The donation will be charged to your next phone bill.

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