Valley students helping tornado-ravaged town of Moore

FRESNO, Calif.

"The tornadoes in Oklahoma devastated so many lives and we just thought why don't we do something to help," said Daniel Lee, a Hoover High School senior.

Students at Hoover High made donation boxes labeled "Let's do Moore" for Moore, Oklahoma. They distributed them to each classroom Wednesday afternoon. Their goal is to collect as much money as possible within a week. "We have a school, they don't now. They lost so much and the least we can do is give back," said Jezmaree Melo, a high school senior.

The idea came as students and teachers heard of the horrific, yet heroic moments after an E-F 5 tornado leveled two schools. "We got kind of emotional talking about the students at the elementary school who were trapped, and how teachers were covering the kids up and protecting them," said Leslie Loewen, Campus Culture director.

Loewen said funds will go to the Oklahoma City Elk's Lodge to help with rebuilding efforts. "The kids are just very thankful for the sacrifices that people have made for them so they wanted to give back," said, Loewen.

"Anything helps," said Lee. "Whether you donate a dollar, $5, $10. It all adds up and they can use it for whatever they need."

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