Yellow Jacket iPhone stun gun case

FRESNO, Calif.

George Sidler is like most husbands and fathers. He worries about his family's safety. And that is why he recently ditched his entire family's old iPhone cases, and replaced it with something called the Yellow Jacket.

A 650,000 volt stun gun, in the palm of their hand, on the tip of their iPhone! His wife Kelly just got the pink one.

"If something happens it's readily available," said Kelly. "I can flip the switch down and enact it."

Yellow Jacket says flip the safety cover off, and in 2 seconds. You have a shocking self-defense weapon with 13 times more volts than a police stun gun. It also comes with a reserve battery on the bottom that extends your phone's battery by 20 hours.

Corporal Mike Rivera trains new recruits for the Tampa police on how to use stun guns. While he wouldn't endorse this product, he did volunteer to try the Yellow Jacket, on himself.

"The concept is kinda neat but it's pain compliance and pain compliance if your motivated enough, you can fight through the pain," said Rivera.

Even with a lower voltage, Rivera says a police stun gun packs more of a sting than the Yellow Jacket. But he says with the Yellow Jacket's 650,000 volts, can stun anyone if hit in the right spot, especially the neck and pelvic area. But is the $140 price tag worth it? Rivera says it's up to the buyer.

Rivera explained, "I think it's a huge deterrent without a doubt I mean just hearing that sound that arcing I think that can be a deterrent in itself."

Kelly says that's all she hopes for, if she ever found herself in a "shocking" situation.

"It would stun somebody enough for you to at least get away and get a head start," said Kelly. "And get outta there."

The Yellow Jacket is close to the size of an Otter Box case, and weighs as much as your iPhone does. The company says they are working on models that work for Android phones.

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