Fresno City Council votes against planned bike lane

FRESNO, Calif.

The council decided against installing bicycle lanes on Fruit Avenue between Shaw and Herndon. The project had already been approved as part of a Regional Bike Lane Plan by the city and the county, but city council member Steve Brandau said his own survey showed few bike riders now use the street.

Biking advocates were frustrated because the lanes are part of a master plan that had already been approved by the city and the county.

"We had a total of 996 cars and only one bike. So a lot of vehicles would be impacted but not that many bikes," said Steve Brandau.

"Its frustrating the lack of vision for something greater, something bigger and it can be very disappointing sometimes," said Byron Watkins.

The city council voted four to three against creating the bike lanes. The big concern was the bike lanes would take up two of the four traffic lanes on Fruit and lead to more automobile traffic congestion.

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