Angelo's close ties with Valley school kids

FRESNO, Calif.

One of Angelo's favorite past-times has been to visit Valley school kids.

Angelo epitomizes class so it's only natural he has spent so much time in class on campuses around the Valley. He explained, "I was happy to do that. Eventually I really felt compelled to do that. You know, to get into the classroom to be a teacher for an hour."

Mountain View Elementary 5th grade teacher Amy Wells said, "He's very personable, very warm, very engaging. He's kind of a natural born teacher."

His favorite literary selection has always been "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs."

Stalis said, "They would laugh all the way through to the end of that book. It just kind of made you feel great."

Ange has no idea how many class pictures he has taken or how many schools he's visited, but sometimes people remind him. "A lot of folks will say wow, 30 years ago you were in my classroom."

The tornado in a bottle was a big hit at Bailey elementary in Firebaugh back in 2002. Angelo has always been impressed with the kids' weather knowledge. In 2004 he spoke in a packed cafeteria at Steinbeck elementary in Fresno.

Severe weather always caught the kids' attention

Mountain View fifth grader Ali Dadawalla said, "He taught us a lot about hurricanes and the eye of the hurricanes and the wind speeds."

Angelo always created a campus buzz whenever he visited Mountain View Elementary in Clovis.

Sixth grader Brianna Pena recalled, "Oh yeah, that was the big talk at recess on that day. Angelo is coming! I know I was excited."

The kids learned about weather during science class. Angelo then took the lesson a step further.

Trenton Luera said, "He made everything make sense and so it kind of helped me out."

Rylee McQuay added, "The day he came he taught me so much and he related everything to what I learned."

Everyone's always ready for a group shot with this Valley icon or in some instances, another photo with grandpa.

"Yeah that is extra special because it makes them feel good," said Stalis. "Makes the grandchildren feel great."

Angelo is forever grateful for the booklets schools have given him over the years.

"That is just worth a million bucks to me," said Stalis. "That just makes me feel good to get that thank you book or a thank you note from a child. Perhaps I taught a little bit of a lesson."

In one of the thank you booklets we found a message from Dillon, who wrote, "When I grow up I want to be just like you."

Chloe said, "I like your reputation. It was cool."

Always will be. Angelo's forecast now calls for retirement, clear skies with a chance of meatballs.

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