Burlington Coat Factory is coming to Clovis


Burlington Coat Factory is opening up a new store on Shaw and Minnewawa. It will be in the Village Square Shopping Center in the location where Von's used to be.

Burlington Coat Factory is expected to open in fall and bring 75 new jobs.

A brand new roof is going on a building that hasn't drawn crowds for several years.

Tuesday shoppers browsing the aisles next door at Ross said they were looking forward to having another option to buy clothes, household items and even suits.

"It's big, they have a large selection of clothes," said Yvette Salazar. "I like their baby section, mostly for this little princess here."

Amanda Liles added, "Well I was looking for sunglasses and Ross didn't have a big selection and I had gotten my previous pairs at Burlington Coat Factory so I'm hoping they have more of a selection and things like that."

According to a Burlington representative, the store will be 50,000 square feet and offer discounted pricing on everything from shoes, to accessories, linens, and toys.

Clovis City Councilman Nathan Magsig says city leaders are working hard to draw more businesses to Shaw Avenue. This new department store is an encouraging start.

"Also we have fur new owners there in that shopping center," said Magsig. "At one time, there were 13 owners that owned different buildings in that shopping center and we have 4 new owners that are excited to revitalize the whole center."

Magsig says the opening of the 500 Club Casino down the street has increased traffic along Shaw and been great for business not only at the casino, but other surrounding retailers.

In recent years, the Shaw Avenue Clovis corridor has attracted several new hotels that bring in new business to the area.

Recently, the city received a helping hand from the state with a grant to help grow Shaw Avenue from Clovis Avenue to Highway 168.

Magsig says every job matters, and so does the revenue the stores bring in.

Even though the store plans to hire about 75 employees, Magsig says the store will create more work opportunities for others, as well.

Magsig explained, "So there are many other jobs that are created, from delivery drivers, to individuals that have to keep up the landscaping at the center. So that's exciting from all of the jobs that will be created from the Burlington Coat Factory locating in Clovis."

City leaders say even though Herndon and Clovis is seeing a big business boom, there's plenty of incentives for businesses to come to Shaw Avenue.

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