Final push for Measure G votes

FRESNO, Calif.

Measure G is the proposal to privatize the city's residential trash service, and both sides are aggressively hitting the streets to get out the vote.

The triple digit heat did not keep precinct walkers from going door to door to talk to registered voters. "This has been a very hard-fought campaign. Lots of hours, lots of people. There's a great deal of enthusiasm about this," said Randy Ghan of the No on G campaign.

Both sides of the Measure G campaign are making a last push effort to get out the vote before Tuesday's special election. "We think we've done a good job getting our message out and we think the voters of Fresno understand the differences," said Tim Clark with the Yes on G campaign.

Essentially, Fresno voters will decide if city workers will continue to pick up their trash or leave it to a private hauler. The Yes on G side argues turning over trash service to Mid Valley Disposal will help save the city from fiscal disaster. Supporters also say the deal lowers residents' trash rates. "This move saves them 18 percent on their monthly trash bill. It doesn't change their service and it provides money for the city that help fund police and fire," said Clark.

But the No on G campaign says the deal is a risky one and if the service isn't broke, why fix it? "We got an award-winning garbage service that essentially is being done away under the auspices of a fix for a city fiscal issue. We think it's a wrong approach to that," said Ghan.

Opponents of Measure G say rates will eventually go up and city workers will lose their jobs. And while all this trash talking has been going on for months, it will be voters who will have the final say come Election Day.

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