Fresno polls open for Measure G special election

FRESNO, Calif.

After months of contention, the day is finally here. Today Fresno residents will decide the fate of the trash duty in the city.

City leaders want to outsource residential trash pickup to save what they say is millions in taxpayer money. But opponents say the deal puts some trash collectors at risk for losing their jobs.

Both sides were busy all day Monday and into the night making a last minute push to voters. Supporters and opponents called voters and even walked precincts.

Measure G has been a contentious issue and Monday things heated up. The Fresno Police Officer's Association (FPOA) held a news conference criticizing the mayor and police chief for supporting Measure G. Police union president, Jacky Parks said the mayor is misleading the police chief to get him to buy into her agenda.

"I have learned through my career in law enforcement that even intelligent police officers who possess a great compassion for their fellow man and who want to believe people have the best intentions can be duped by a good con man. So I have to believe in this case Dyer's been duped," said Jacky Parks, FPOA President.

"I'm focused on doing what's best for the community and I can take the punches, because I know I'm standing firm on what's right and Measure G is in the best interest of our community," said Ashley Swearengin, Fresno Mayor.

Swearengin says she has not misled the chief, and if Measure G passes, the police and fire departments stand to gain.

Supporters of Measure G say a "yes" vote would save taxpayers 18 percent on their monthly trash bill and doesn't change their service. Opponents say the deal is a risky one and contend rates will eventually go up and city workers will lose their jobs.

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