Measure G still undecided in Fresno

FRESNO, Calif.

With 100 percent of precincts reporting, the measure is winning by less than three-hundred votes.

All of the vote by mail ballots are being processed in a building that is essentially a warehouse filled with election equipment and staff who are working to count the final vote tally.

Elections officials say they are taking their time on Measure G as both campaigns hover over the process...

"We knew about a week ago that this would be very close, the number we used was within 200 votes, and we let all of our volunteers know and that's what we geared up for was an extremely close election we knew it was coming," said Tim Clark, Yes on Measure G.

"We don't want this to be a union versus non union issue. We don't want this to be north versus south issue. This is a community issue through and through," said Dillon Savory, No on G.

Both campaigns spent election night anxiously watching the returns. Both campaigns said they remain "cautiously optimistic."

At issue is the residential trash pickup, that developed a lot of trash talking over the past year. The city claims it needs Measure G to balance their budget. The No on G campaign claims the deal puts trash collectors at risk of losing their jobs.

"One thing we can be extremely proud of is how we have shown you can fight back against the status quo, carrying the people's work, doing the work of the people is what we're proud of," said Dillion Savory.

The turnout on election day was a mere seven percent. The absentee turnout was about 16 percent, with both campaigns hoping those votes will swing their way.

The next "unofficial" update on Measure G is scheduled for Friday afternoon.


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