Clovis police officer arrested for false imprisonment

FRESNO, Calif.

He had a misdemeanor conviction 13 years ago, before he joined the Clovis Police Department.

He's also had recent trouble within the department, and this arrest could end his career.

Kyle Pennington didn't answer the door to his Sanger home Thursday, although his truck sat idle in the driveway.

Neighbors say they saw him chase a woman down the block Tuesday and although the pursuit started silently, it got loud enough that passersby called 911 and police intervened.

"They found two subjects -- a male and a female -- involved in a disturbance and the investigation ensued due to that call," said Sanger police Cpl. Jaimy Gaines.

Officers say Pennington was holding the woman against her will, but as he did to Action News Thursday, he refused entry to Sanger police Tuesday.

A warrant eventually got them inside.

"The search warrant was to enter the residence to obtain evidence pursuant to the allegations and that was found, which led to the arrest," Gaines said.

Police booked Pennington into the Fresno County jail on charges of domestic violence and false imprisonment.

He's been in court before and not on the witness stand -- in 2000, when he was convicted of a DUI and last year, when he sued the city of Clovis, claiming a "violation of civil rights".

The two sides reached an agreement in that case two months ago.

Pennington is in the middle of a divorce, but police say the victim Tuesday was not his estranged wife.

The Clovis Police Department tells Action News he's been on paid leave since mid-March.

His status didn't change after this latest arrest, and prosecutors have not yet filed charges, but a conviction could lead to his termination.

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