Hero saves 3-year-old boy from Fresno canal

FRESNO, Calif.

Miguel Pedraza, 22, left the scene of a near-drowning accident near Shaw and Valentine. He says he became too emotional after pulling three-year-old Sammy Lozano from the water.

The little boy fell in while walking along the canal bank with his aunt and two dogs. The aunt did not know how to swim, but screamed frantically for help. That's when Miguel, who was walking nearby, jumped over a fence and into the water to pull the boy out.

"I seen that he wasn't breathing, and his whole face blue and purple, his eyes was open, and he looked stiffed. So I laid him down, and I started pushing on his chest," said Pedraza.

Miguel successfully gave the little boy CPR to revive him, but left once he knew the boy was going to be okay.

When Miguel got home, he said he gave his son a big hug.

Miguel now wants to meet the family but doesn't think he's a hero.

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