Triple digit temperatures impacting large events

FRESNO, Calif.

The future Mr. & Mrs. Caroll can't wait for the real deal when can finally say "I do."

"Excited but kind of nervous now," said Lacey Newport.

But with forecasters calling for possible record breaking heat on Saturday this couple was on edge about the blistering weather on their wedding day. "I was a little nervous but I think the people coming to the wedding were more worried about it. Nothing I can do about it now," said Newport.

Event planner Kathy Burk will set up misters and water stations at the celebration to keep everyone cool. Her biggest worry though is something out of her control, "Unfortunately the guests will start consuming a lot of alcohol and dehydrating and not drinking a lot of water," said Burk.

At the weekly Old Town Clovis farmers' market, people tried to stay hydrated. "It's been horrible. Luckily there's a slight breeze so it's drying the sweat so it always helps," said Scoey Matson.

Vendors saw a drop in shoppers this week because of the oven-like temperatures.

Experts have some advice for those who want to stay indoors and save big on their electricity costs, "If you are able to arise a little bit earlier in the morning, open your drapes, open your windows, let that cool air in. It is typically fairly cool in the early morning hours," said PG&E spokesperson, Jeff Smith.

As the day gets hotter, they are encouraging people to close those drapes to cut down on those power bills and keep the cool air in.

Another tip: set your thermostat at a comfortable temperature when you're home. If you're away turn it up to 85 and program it to cool down right before you come home.

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