Hot weather a boom for some local businesses

FRESNO, California

Using a flaming torch on a hot day isn't fun, but the heat means money for Fresno Radiator. Owner Jim Kunkel says this is the time of year when all kinds of radiators give out.

"Cars overheat, Caterpillars overheat, big trucks and little trucks all alike," said Kunkel. "This is the time of year the radiator business gets real busy."

Kunkel says the heat usually causes problems for drivers who neglect their cooling systems. "They usually wait until it's too late and that's where we come in."

The human cooling system also needs maintenance and that's why summer is like Christmas to area water parks.

Mark Hopkins of the Island Water Park says with the hottest days of the year coming business should be good.

"I think the volumes going to be a little higher because of the heat," said Hopkins. "It's going to be really hot this weekend."

Anyone selling anything cold is seeing a higher sales volume. The owner of a Mexican juice and fruit stand on the Fulton Mall has just what customers like Nereyda Reyes are looking for.

Heat creates its own seasonal business and owners like Jim Kunkel literally make it while the sun shines.

"May through September you do 80 percent of your business, for the year," said Kunkel. "And then the rest of the years quiet, so, that's alight with me."

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