WowBalls coming to Old Town Clovis Farmers Market

FRESNO, California

These kids are having a ball, walking and falling on water. The giant balls are part of a new attraction in the Valley called Central Valley WowBalls.

Ed Hirschel said, "We saw it at one of the local fairs and that's about the only chance we realized people around here got to see it was at a fair and there's only a few fairs in the summer season. We wanted to make it available for everyone."

Kids from four on up can try to ride around in the inflatable ball. The company hosts all kinds of events from farmers markets like the one in Clovis to corporate meetings and even birthday parties. Business owners across the Valley hope the improving economy -- will turn into increased sales into the summer.

And over at Bargain Party Rent All and Sales, the company is seeing more customers that don't mind spending a little extra on their celebrations.

Alex Newcomb with Bargain Party said, "They want that extra pop that extra pizazz."

Employees at bargain party rent-all and sales say customers are spending more... And that's made for a busy spring.

"We're super busy this weekend," said Newcomb. "We're really booked on a lot of rental items because it is grad and weddings season. We seem to be running pretty quick of everything. So it's like people want to get them, they've got money to spend."

Central Valley WowBalls is also hoping to find business success in people's desire to have fun this summer.

"They love it, everybody laughs," explained Hirschel. "Everybody either wants to sit around and laugh at the people that are riding when they fall. It's fun for everybody."

It's attractions like these and other celebrations where Valley families will make a lot of memories this summer.

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