Series of shootings in Visalia may be related


The second shooting left a 23-year-old man dead, police believe the shooting was gang-related.

Police are trying to determine whether a Thursday night shooting that injured a young teenager and a woman, and a Friday night shooting that killed a 23-year-old man are related. Both shootings happened near the same intersection of Conyer and Vine at around the same time.

"The two victims that got shot Thursday evening we believe that they were not the intended targets," said Visalia Police Sgt. Paul Esquibel.

Esquibel said just 24 hours after the two victims were shot 23-year-old Jose Garcia was shot and killed. Garcia was walking on Vine street just west of Conyer when he was shot.

The next day detectives arrested 19-year-old Angel Espindola and a 17-year-old for the murder.

"My husband came right away and said he saw the guy on the floor and he was still alive and I think this is sad how young people this is happening more often especially in my neighborhood"Visalia resident Virginia Estrada said.

Officers said an increase in officer-involved shootings and other violence is prompting the department to restructure. They are doing this by placing more officers out on patrol on weekends and during peak hours -- hoping they can be proactive and get ahead of any summer crimes.

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