Crews battle Revis Fire in Yosemite Lakes Park area

FRESNO, Calif.


Thursday, June 13, 2013 -- 7:15 a.m.

100 acres - 60% contained
Forward spread progress has been stopped.


Helicopters circled overhead late Wednesday evening, picking up buckets of water from lakes in the area, to drop onto the flames burning in the steep terrain.

Cal Fire says when the wildfire started, it moved quickly, growing to 60 acres in less than an hour.

Karen Guilliman with Cal Fire said, "There was a wind pushing this fire up this hill, so besides the topography, the dry fuel and the wind, that's why it pushed it to such extremes."

Extreme heat and flames burning dangerously close to several homes.

"Our air attack did an awesome job navigating our engines into place," said Guilliman. "They got there just in time as the fire was bumping up against homes."

Six homes were saved by the fire fighters. Crews also spent time putting out hotspots along the hillside to prevent flare-ups.

Elaine Myers said, "This is the worst that it's been in the 12 years I've been here. You cannot compare this to anything."

Myers and her neighbors are angry and frightened. They believe the fires are being set on purpose.

Fire investigators are not calling the Revis Fire suspicious. But families living in Yosemite Lakes Park are tired of the threat. Especially since many who live here serve on the volunteer fire department. Those volunteers are getting help from agencies in Mariposa and Fresno.

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