Goodbyes and massages at Ewing Elementary School

FRESNO, Calif.

Serene music fills the air, as massage therapist work on their clients. But this isn't a business, this is a transformed room at Ewing Elementary School in Fresno and the clients are teachers.

"Teachers are giving back to these children," said Sarah Hernandez with Divine Body Works Studio. "They give so much of themselves. They need to be given something too."

Divine Body Works Studio of Fresno donated their time and services to give free massages to teachers on the last day of school. They say massage can do wonders to your physical and mental wellbeing. Staff members say the massages really helped them de-stress and lightened their moods.

Ewing Elementary School staff member Adriana Robles said, "I feel appreciated I feel loved it's nice."

More than 30 staff members got to experience at least a ten minute massage. But those minutes went a long way in helping educators relax after a hectic school year.

"It's the me time that we don't always give ourselves," said Ewing Elementary School Principal Lisa Shipman. "So on a day that's very busy and very exciting I wanted them to take ten minutes to reflect on the year to embrace themselves and celebrate everything that they are and all that they do."

Teachers say this was one gift they'll remember for a while.

After a day of celebrations, goodbyes and massages, the teachers and staff at Ewing Elementary School say they couldn't be kicking off summer break in a better way.

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