Heavy machinery blamed in Fresno County fire

FRESNO, Calif.

The fire scorched more than one hundred acres -- near Highland and McKinley on Thursday. Crews were still putting out hot spots on Friday.

Rusty Moon shows us the now charred wooden posts that once marked his property line. He's lived off Highland and McKinley for 25 years. While there have been fires before, never has it been this bad.

Homeowners were forced to evacuate as Cal Fire and Fresno County fire crews rushed to battle the flames on Thursday afternoon.

Moon said, "The flames literally licked the side of the barn building."

Moon tells us, he and his family watched as those flames ate up nearly 20 acres of his land and came dangerously close to his home.

"This is my property here," said Moon. "It took everything but the house and the barn, but my family is safe and my animals are safe."

Problem is, that now charred land is what his animals use for grazing.

Moon explained, "This is just material things, that's nothing, even though my animals were using this to eat and live off of, it's trivial."

He says he and his neighbors are coming together helping one another as they return home.

"It's great when the community is able to come together," said Moon. "We may be out here in a rural area, but it's still all family."

PG&E restored power to the area and Cal Fire says they'll be watching, to make sure every ember is out.

Moon added, "Big community of firefighters came in to fight this and they were doing an awesome job."

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