Man finds Reedley mother's stolen ashes


Marilu Lemus was distraught last week when her stillborn baby's ashes were stolen. Crooks broke into her home and made off with the urn holding Lupita's remains that were placed on this alter. But those tears of anguish, are now tears of joy.

On Friday, a stranger knocked on her door with the urn containing her daughter's ashes. The stranger wanted to remain anonymous, but told Marilu he found the box containing the heart-shaped urn on a side street.

While Marilu's daughter's ashes were returned, Reedley Police continue to investigate this case as a suspect has yet to be identified.

Police say the thieves also made off with gold gains and money. Originally, detectives asked the urn be returned the Reedley Community Center -- no questions asked.

"I'm sorry for the family they had to go through it. But I'm happy that our officer was able to communicate with the community and get her property back that is unreplaceable," said Sgt. Terry Schnieder, Reedley Police Department.

Marilu says she doesn't care about the other items. She's just happy that her baby is back in her hands and says she won't let the box out of her sight.

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