Fresno City Manager Mark Scott resigns

FRESNO, Calif.

Scott is leaving after just over three years on the job. He was born and raised in Fresno but has spent much of his professional life in Southern California.

Mark Scott leaves city hall on the heels of a bitter loss over Measure G. But Scott said the contentious issue of outsourcing trash service did not play a part in his move.

"No, the organization is moving on," said Scott. "We went through that. We got a result and we're moving on. That has no impact on my decision."

Fresno Mayor Ashley Swearengin called Scott a valuable contributor at city hall. He took the job in April of 2010.

"Under Mark's leadership our city has continued to aggressively deal with the fiscal crisis," said Swearengin. "Thanks to his efforts we are now on a path to pay off negative funds that threatened our city's solvency."

Scott also served as city manager in Culver City and Beverly Hills. Burbank is much smaller than Fresno with a population of over 104,000 people.

"I'm very much a traditional city manager," said Scott. "Most of the cities in California operate on that type of government. On top of that, my family lived right next door to Burbank for 20 years."

Scott's last day is July 19th. He will be replaced by assistant city manager Bruce Rudd. Rudd said he's ready to take on the city's fiscal challenges.

Rudd explained, "It feels like we may be moving away from that edge and be able to start moving forward and that's the part I'm looking forward to."

Mark Scott mentioned he was more comfortable as a traditional city manager. In Burbank he will be the city's chief administrative officer. On the other hand, Fresno has a "strong mayor" government with Mayor Swearengin the top executive.

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