Yellow fever mosquito found in Madera

MADERA, Calif.

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The Madera County Mosquito and Vector Control District identified the tiny black and white mosquito in one of its traps recently – for the first time. "It's very important to remove it from this area before it gets started, before it forms a colony," said district manager Leonard Irby.

On Thursday, the district started placing more mosquito traps throughout Madera. "You'll have the mosquitoes flying around the trap and there is a fan down here and once the mosquitoes fly in [there], they'll get sucked into the net," said inspector Maribel Garcia.

The mosquito is a very aggressive day-biter that can transmit Dengue, Yellow Fever and other viruses that can be dangerous to humans. "A lot of our mosquito species usually bite in the late afternoon, early mornings. This particular one will bite all day long, especially during the day," said Irby.

Inspectors are trying to eliminate the tiny pests that tend to lay their eggs around small places with unattended water. "Like flower pots, tin cans in the backyard that have water in the sprinklers," said Irby.

If you have a mosquito problem, you're urged to call the district. "We'll come out and check for mosquito sources and we'll also put a trap in the area and sent it off and have it analyzed," said Irby.

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