Easton sisters start "u-pick" farm

FRESNO, Calif.

For two sisters in Easton their first foray into the business has been a sweet surprise.

Their trees are so heavy with apricots kids have no problem picking the low hanging fruit.

The Barrett family left the cool climate of Monterey for some fun in the sun in Easton. They'll eat some off the tree but mom will use the rest for making jam and baked goods.

The family found the Two Sisters U-Pick farm on Facebook. Sarah Parker is one of the sisters.

"Facebook has become our best friend," said Parker. "I cannot believe how it has increased our business."

Sarah and her sister Jeanae DuBois started the business just three weeks ago. But they had no idea how popular apricot picking would be for families around the state.

DuBois explained, "To get those kids out here and be able to, as you can hear the laughter, they love being in the dirt, being able to eat their own fruit, being able to eat it off the tree."

The sisters used to sell their organic apricots to places like Whole Foods but health issues forced them to try something different this season.

DuBois said, "I had broken my kneecap in a mountain biking accident and my sister had a series of brain surgeries and so we were literally stuck inside the house."

Parker added, "We started it, really to be honest with you, to pay our medical bills because it's such a huge expense for both of us."

Now they watch families carry bags of apricots from their orchard - think of it as healthy trick or treating.

Sarah and Jeanae live next to each other on this three acre apricot farm.

Parker said, "If droves of people show up I'll text her SOS, come help me!"

That should be the case as apricot season winds down. This weekend will be your last chance to pick your own until next year.

You can pick a big 30 pound bag of apricots for $20 bucks or half the bag for $10.

Whatever's left after people are done picking next week will be donated to the Fresno Food Bank.

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