UCSF Medical Residents train Downtown Fresno

FRESNO, Calif.

These UCSF Fresno Medical Residents are getting some hands on training for their new job, working as a doctor day-in-and-day-out in Downtown Fresno.

"It's super exciting, its stressful for them, anxiety provoking so that's why we do this intern boot camp, its really a clinical skills orientation kind of ease the transition from a student to a doctor," said the UCSF Fresno assistant. Program Director of Emergency Medicine Dr. Stacy Sawtelle.

The training helped sharpen medical residents skills on everything from how to clear a patient's airway to inserting a catheter.All important skills they will be using in the hospital. More than 80 doctors have moved from across the country to train for the residency.

"By building really great training programs here at UCSF Fresno, we attract really great people, really great applicants then they end loving the community and staying because we have a huge lack of physicians here in the valley," said Dr. Stacy Sawtelle.

The program directors say they would love to see some of those doctors remain in Central California. For valley native Gary Rubiaco, the UCSF program was the perfect match for him.

" The Central Valley's home for me. The summer heat's fine and it doesn't snow. It's a good amount of coldness , some frost here and there. And my mom's back in Dinuba and I'm real close to her," said UCSF Fresno Resident Physician Gary Rubiaco.

During the time at UCSF Fresno, the program will give these residents a wide variety of experience with many different kinds of people. The interns will undergo three to five years of residency here in the Fresno. And program officials say all the training in the Valley will stay with medical residents wherever they go.

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