Suspect in Squaw Valley animal seizure faces charges

FRESNO, Calif.

The 61 animals are still at the SPCA, and are still being evaluated by a veterinarian.

Investigators continue to ask questions about the owner of those animals since last year. The most recent twist in the case involves the city run animal shelter in Selma. A few months back, a woman named Crystal Kisicki went the shelter to adopt some dogs. According to volunteers, she claimed to run a non-profit.

Selma police and Liberty Animal Control went to check up on those dogs about a month ago. They went to her house in Squaw Valley and found dogs that looked thin. Liberty Animal Control told Kisicki to see a vet and according to them, she complied.

Volunteers at the Selma shelter say they are worried about the dogs they gave her, especially after learning that 61 animals were seized from the same person who is suspected of committing animal crimes in Monterey County, and now, in Fresno County.

"I'm so sick with myself for not going on my gut, not checking out her rescue, I take the blame for our Selma dogs, " said Melody Overholser, a volunteer with Selma animal control.

Overholser said she is still trying to find those dogs and is hoping some of them were part of the 61 who were rescued by the SPCA. Humane investigators in Monterey County have turned their case over to the District Attorney's Office where the suspect is facing more than 17 charges.

Officers in Fresno are still investigating.

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