Club One Casino owner donates to CCSPCA

FRESNO, Calif.

The owner of Club One Casino donated money several weeks ago after he took a stray cat to the SPCA for treatment. The money was spent on equipment like dental cleaning stations, surgical lighting, and bathtubs.

The SPCA certainly could use the help treating all the animals seized from a Squaw Valley property. A veterinarian spent the weekend examining 61 animals at the Central California SPCA.

A spokesperson from the CCSPCA said dogs, cats, birds and even a pig are in guarded condition and in various stages of emaciation. The animals are expected to recover. They will do so more comfortably thanks to Kyle Kirkland's generosity.

" It definitely makes me feel good, it feels good to see the equipment put to good use. I knew it was going to," Kirkland.

Kirkland who has rescued several animals, including this dog named jackpot, is the owner of Club One Casino in Downtown Fresno. He said that he saw a major need for supplies and equipment at the CCSPCA and had to help.

" This is several weeks back, I said tell me what you need. One thing lead to another as they do. The next thing you know, it was a pretty sizable donation, medical equipment, cleaning equipment, things like that," said Kirkland.

That $24,000r donation came right out of Kirkland's own pocket.

A rescue dog was bathed in a brand new stainless steel tub, one of the many new purchases made with the donated money.

" A lot of the equipment that they ordered started coming in the last couple of weeks and being installed. Then all of the sudden they have this real sizable influx of animals, being put to good use," said Kirkland.

Investigators tell Action News the owner of the Squaw Valley property,Crystal Kisicki, was operating St. Francis All Creature Rescue and Sanctuary. They said she called the group a non-profit, but due to the poor health of the animals and deplorable living conditions.Kisicki may now face dozens of felony charges for animal neglect.

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