Clovis police look for an identity thief

FRESNO, Calif.

The man tried to take off with thousands of dollars worth of merchandise and even tried to drive off from a dealership with a car.

Police say the suspect nearly took off with a car worth more than $30,000 but it was an alert sales clerk who quickly realized something was wrong.

Clovis police say the man caught on surveillance video could keep targeting unsuspecting victims. Earlier this month the suspect tried to check out at Home Depot. The man tried to purchase with $1,400 worth of merchandise from Home Depot.

"They denied him based upon the suspiciousness of the driver's license. It just didn't look like a valid driver's license," said Officer Ty Wood.

Police said only a day later the suspect also tried to steal a car from a dealership. But an observant sales person stopped it from happening,

"I knew, there was something fishy," said Nael Sadeddeen.

Sadeddeen said the suspect wanted to give a 2010 Dodge Challenger a test drive, but because of company policy, he checked his credit history first. That's when Sadedden realized the man wanting a test drive was a thief.

The staff at Own A car Fresno took a photocopy of his ID. They also showed us his credit application which says he makes more than $10,000 every month. But investigators say, that was just part of his stolen identity.

Clovis police say the sales staff at both businesses were not able to stop the suspect from getting away. If you know who he is, call police.

Police are reminding people to be very careful with any documents which have any personal information. Make sure those papers are stored in a safe place at home and password protected online.

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