Local Athletes Staying Cool During Heat Wave

FRESNO, Calif.

But make no mistake: There is no hiding from this heat wave.

"On days like this I tell them if they ever allow themselves to get thirsty it's too late," said Fresno Dolphins Head Coach Rick Klatt. "So we're trying to pour down water during the day before they come to work out."

These athletes had to take it easy at Central High School East Campus. The water temperature was 85 degrees, five degrees warmer than usual.

"When the water gets up to the 85 degree mark or so it's really tough to lose body heat," said Klatt. "So we slow down a little bit. Swim a little longer anaerobic when it's this kind of hot."

"We're athletes out here, so it's just like the heat and us working hard together," said Central Senior Saylene Servin. "It's just hotter at the same time."

Servin said she could feel the difference.

"You have to slow down a little bit to feel like cooler in order for your cheeks not to burn or anything," said Servin.

Meanwhile on the west side of the Central Valley, they may be two months from football season, but the two-time defending champion Mendota Aztecs did not use the heat as an excuse to skip workouts.

"Well I'm kind of used to it," said Mendota Senior Edgar Segura. "I've been pretty careful about it because I work in the fields, and I have to get used to drinking a lot of water for that too"

Hydration is a point of emphasis for the coaching staff, along with other good eating and sleeping habits.

"Try to get as much sleep as they can," said Mendota Head Coach Beto Mejia. "Some of these kids are waking up at four in the morning to go to work, and they are working these long hours."

And after a long day of work, the kids know they have to be smart if they want to perform at their best.

"I tell them to drink a lot of water, sleep too," said Segura. "And eat healthy food too, because what you put in you get out."

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