Fresno teenager missing for 4 years laid to rest

FRESNO, Calif.

Family members and friends said goodbye to Steven Humphrey Friday. His body was found in a deep grave buried in the backyard of a home in Southeast Fresno.

Steven's death is still considered just suspicious, not a murder. His family feels his death was clearly at the hands of another. Friday loved ones, tried to put their frustrations aside as they said goodbye.

Dozens of family members and friends gathered to celebrate the life of Steven Humphrey. After years of so much uncertainty, loved ones said the service offered them some finality, others are still waiting for closure.

"For some it's the end of the grieving process, for some- it's just the beginning," said family friend Daphne Cortese-Dean.

Steven's sister says life without her brother has been very painful. For years, she says the whole family struggled with his sudden disappearance. She says through years of ups and downs, she always tried to remain optimistic.

Hopefully come home and then we find him. It's a little relief but I wish it wasn't like this, you know, " said Jessica humphrey,Steven's sister.

Friday afternoon loved ones, held hands and prayed. Several wore special T-shirts honoring Steven's memory. Outside the chapel collages reminded friends of the great moments he had during his short life.

What made the service especially difficult is the fact no one has been held to answer for his death. Fresno police are waiting for an anthropologists report to move forward with their investigation.

Some loved ones are frustrated with the lack of progress. The one thing that stands out is everyone wants justice. That this has gone on for four years and they just want the perpetrator to pay for what he's done. Because he has gone away, he's gotten away with this for so long.

Services ended in Reedley where Steven was buried. His family said it was fitting because he always loved the serenity of the nearby river.

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