Power outages in Green Acres postponed

FRESNO, Calif.

This will affect about 150 customers. Friday they decided to cancel most those, except for people in the Green Acres neighborhood here dozens of people in may still see their power go out during next week's heat wave.

Edison will be going door-to-door to visit 28 customers in the Green Acres neighborhood of Northwest Visalia, where a planned power outage is expected to take place next Tuesday.

"We've made initial contacts and so often times we schedule an outage and people make other arrangements it can be more inconvenient if we cancel it," said Cal Rossie from Souther California Edison.

Linda Pelkey watches her grandchildren during the week and was worried when she received this notice from Southern California Edison about a planned outage in her neighborhood.

"My first reaction was why in July especially with I've been watching Kevin's forecast and he's been mentioning it to be around 110," said Pelkey.

Pelkey says she could bring her grandchildren to her daughter's house in another area of town during the outage, but she would worry about her dog, Jake and some of her other neighbors.

" The elderly it's going to be a real problem for and we have several in the neighborhood," Pelkey said.

Pelkey says she called Southern California Edison several times asking them to reschedule but they said it wasn't possible. Friday officials announced they would reschedule the outage planned for her neighborhood. " As a result of the weather forecast over the next week southern California Edison has elected to reschedule a majority of those outages," said Rossie.

To prevent a stress to the system and reduce the chances of an unplanned power outage. Southern California Edison recommends saving power as much as possible during the heat wave. They also suggest keeping your thermostat at 78 degrees, shutting your blinds and running appliances only at night.

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