Fresno SPCA offering low cost microchipping

FRESNO, Calif.

They're also offering ID tags for $5

Pet safety tips from the ccspca (

- Make sure all fences and gates are secure. Keep your pet indoors, if possible, with curtains shut or windows covered. Secure them in a crate, if possible. Even walking them on a leash in their own yard during the fireworks can be lifesaving.

- Make sure your pet has its license or identification tag on their collar, including microchip information. Update all microchip and ID tag information if your contact information has changed.

- Check with your veterinarian about tranquilizers for your pet. Never use human medications.

- Turn on a radio or TV to help block out the sound of fireworks.

- Notify family or visitors if you have any animals that need to remain indoors so that they don't accidentally let them out.

- Make sure to keep your pets away from BBQ's, sparklers, fireworks, and citronella candles.

- Do not take your pet with you to large celebrations.

- Do not place glow ropes or other festive party favors on your pets. Do not leave pets unattended in costumes or accessories.

- Keep your pet hydrated. Don't forget to refill your pet's bowl with water during your celebration.

- When your pet is missing, check in person at the CCSPCA.

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