Central California braces for a heat wave

FRESNO, Calif.

Officials say all of the emissions we produce in the coming days will become trapped under a lid of high pressure. The air district is asking people to carpool, avoid drive-thru's and stay indoors.

PG&E will open an emergency operations center on Friday. Officials say they will use the center to watch the power system closely and to monitor any power outages that might be caused by the heat.

"It's part of our larger storm response, we treat heat as a storm condition essentially. They'll have additional staff on standby or bring them in if we have higher outage volume than normal," said Denny Boyles, PG&E.

PG&E officials say if your health permits it, keep your thermostat set to 78 degrees.

The hot weather is expected to last until Fourth of July, and that has authorities warning about the dangers of fireworks. The Central Valley Fireworks Task Force gathered Thursday. To tell people about the damage illegal fireworks can cause and urge people to use "Safe and Sane fireworks."

During fireworks season in Fresno County, illegal fireworks are to blame for about 90 percent of all fire injuries. Officials say firefighters will be out enforcing the law during the next week, and writing tickets for illegal fireworks.

The Valley is not the only place getting hit by this heat wave. Temperatures in Las Vegas reached 109 on Thursday and could hit 117 this weekend. A similar situation is expected in Arizona, Utah, Wyoming and Idaho.

The City of Fresno will open their cooling centers on Friday for the heat wave. They will be open daily through at least Wednesday, from noon to 8 p.m.

In the North Valley, a cooling center will open beginning this weekend at the Merced Civic Center. It is located off West 18th Street and will be open from Saturday through Wednesday from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.

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