Hot weather, biggest threat in Fresno house fire

FRESNO, Calif.

Flames were shooting out of all sides of this house on Anna and Indianapolis when crews arrived around 10 a.m. Firefighters found a dead dog inside, but the owner was not there.

A Battalion Chief Chuck Tobias said a downed power line was arcing, which put firefighters at risk for electrocution. A gas meter ruptured on the side of the house, creating a powerful flame. Part of the roof also started to collapse as the flames engulfed the house. The heat was still the biggest threat

"Our primary concern for the firefighters is that it's extremely hot, and as you can see the material we're wearing is very heavy," said Tobias "It doesn't breathe at all, so the environment inside these suits bring up their core temps well above 110, 120 degrees."

Firefighters drank plenty of fluids at the scene and took breaks in the shade to stay safe. They say the house and its contents had extensive damage. An investigator is still looking into the cause, and the red cross is helping one person who was displaced.

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