Tree service workers endure Valley the heat


The playgrounds at Riverway Sports Park are empty but the most popular attraction is large splash pad. Parents and children alike are having fun cooling off during this hot weather, but it is not just kids who are trying to stay safe in the heat.

Jack Benigno's Tree Service who was out in Lindsay cutting down trees by a high school. Workers kept lots of frozen bottles of water and juice on standby. Benigno says their company is open 24-hours a day and the summer is a busy season for them so they have to keep working throughout the day even on hot days.

The workers have to take a break every 15 minutes just to get in some shade, have a drink of water or go inside and splash water on their face.

Benigno says the heat is actually really bad for trees because they suck up so much water. If the tree branches are spread out tall and wide they become very heavy and are prone to breaking. Benigno said a tree fell on a fence and part of a roof then broke in half, because of the heat.

" Recuperate and then get back after that again and then recuperate it's kind of sad when you're doing a big job like this you could do it a lot faster if you didn't have to stop so much but you don't want nobody getting heat stroke out here," said Benigno.

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