Students athletes practice inside due to heat

FRESNO, Calif.

To keep them safe Fresno Unified has canceled all outdoor activities between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. Those participating indoors must do so in air-conditioned gyms, where there's also plenty of water.

With temperatures expected to hover between 100 and 110 degrees, Valley schools districts like Fresno Unified, are monitoring student safety during the excessive heat wave.

"All practices, games and competitions are off limits between 11am and 7pm, so we run our training's before 11am or after 7 o'clock," said Brian Beck Bullard High Principal.

But some high school athletes are taking an extra step to play it safe. Instead of putting on their pads and taking the field after hours, Bullard High School football players are working out indoors.

Volleyball players are also staying cool in air-conditioned gyms. Even swimmers, already in the water, are encouraged to stay hydrated.

"During our practices or training going on we make sure our students take frequent water breaks, that they stay hydrated the entire time," Beck said. " That's probably the number one threat to students, is dehydration so in this kind of heat you want to make sure students are hydrated consistently and frequently."

The district is also keeping a close eye on students in summer school.

"We all have our lovely smartphones so we check the weather regularly and go online and check the air quality report so." said Jen Jozian from Powers-Ginsburg school.

Instead of going outdoors during recess some schools are choosing to keep the kids inside, providing them with board games and other less strenuous activities to beat the heat.

"We've got the teachers out there kind of watching, making sure we're not doing major soccer games or running tag and that type of thing," Jozian said.

Even those in recreational programs outside of school are being encouraged to drink plenty of water and seek shade when possible.

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