Valley residents dealing with hot climate

FRESNO, Calif.

While most Valley residents are dealing with extrem heat employees at United States Cold Storage are dealing the opposite problem.

Every worker who drives into cold storage rooms is not exactly dressed for the summer. Even in the triple digit temperatures in the Valley employees at the United States Cold Storage layer up.

"Our company actually invested in some wired heated gear so our employees actually have a liner that they wear underneath their coat that plugs into the fork lift and keeps them warm kind of like a heating blanket," said John Bodden from United States Cold Storage.

John Bodden and his colleagues at United States Cold Storage blast freeze meat, vegetables and juices to keep them fresh longer. Some of the rooms here are more than 50 degrees below zero. The majority of Valley residents are dealing with scorching weather.

"The extreme heat is really, really hard to work in," saidn Sgt. Brent Stalker from the Fresno County Sheriff's Office.

To combat the heat deputies with the Fresno County sheriff's office are investing in this gadget called Cool Cop.

"So when you have the air conditioner on it blows right into the hose and then this goes right inside the vest," Stalker said.

The device plugs into the vent of patrol cars and keeps their usually hot bullet proof vests cold.

"It's kind of funny because we get strange looks sometimes from people passing us by but I don't care. It keeps me cool," Stalker said.

Taking a dip underwater is always a go-to-option to beat the broil. For Valley residents that want to beat the heat tomorrow by heading to a local pool remember, when the temperatures spikes over 105, city operated pools are open for free and cooling centers will be open all day.

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