Car crashes into a Fresno shopping center

FRESNO, Calif.

The cleanup took hours and a new display window is on its way. Workers describe it as a scary scene. The Bravo Barbers broke out their brooms to sweep water Wednesday, not hair. When a Mercedes crashed into the business, it crushed much of their life's work and the surprise entry set off the building's fire sprinklers, so what wasn't smashed got soaked.

"Man, it was something else," said barber Steve Orozco. "It was just unbelievable."

Orozco was just reporting for duty when he saw the car jump the curb, stop, then accelerate again. He was worried for his co-workers as he saw the car push forward.

"We had a lot of people in here," Orozco said. "There was a barber it just barely missed actually and a barber that should've been working right here. It just flew through there."

Luckily, it was a day off for the woman whose work station took the hardest hit. In fact, none of the barbers or customers suffered any injuries. The glass wall, though, is a complete loss.

Some of the broken glass was still on the car when a tow truck driver came to take it away. The driver wandered the parking lot in a daze. Firefighters say she was embarrassed and distraught as she tried to explain the accident.

"She's not exactly sure how it happened or what happened," said Fresno fire spokesman Koby Johns. "She thinks possibly her foot came off the brake and onto the gas, but she ended up hopping the curb and into the front window."

Police didn't arrest or even ticket the driver, but she could be on the hook for the damage. The barber shop's owner tells Action News it'll be a few days before she can re-open.

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