Lady Liberty chalk art on South Valley sidewalk

TULARE, Calif.

Tulare artist Joshua Wittman is turning heads by creating, what some say is the most patriotic driveway in the Valley.

"It just something I love, I love performing art. I love seeing people's reactions to my art actually and doing something in public instead of hanging it in galleries," Wittman said.

Wittman got the idea to paint the 16 by 25 feet mural on his parent's driveway after his nieces had some trouble making art with their chalk. This is the third year, Wittman has decided to bring these patriotic images to life here on the sidewalk .In July 4th 2013 Wittman wanted to showcase Lady Liberty and all her glory, illuminated by fireworks

To create the image, he's using about ten different pastel colors mostly blues, reds, blacks and some greens.

"Create something with my own two hands that's it, knowing I can create something that feels like a gift and I like to share it with my family, my neighbors, my friends," Wittman said.

Wittman comes from a family of patriots and veterans. He says although the mural may take some sweat and hard work, he hopes people who see this art will remember to love this country and the appreciate freedoms we have today.

"It's hope, it's symbol of hope to the world and I believe it in my heart," Wittman said.

In total it took, Wittman about eleven hours to create. The art will last up to two weeks before its washed away.

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