Families celebrate 4th Of July at Millerton Lake

FRESNO, Calif.

At 106 degrees, the hottest time of the day, there was still dozens of families out the water. Some of the families packed up early because they simply couldn't take the heat.

A steady stream of cars headed up Friant Road early Thursday morning to celebrate Independence Day at Millerton Lake.

"Get in the water, jet skis, BBQ have a few beers if I'm allowed to say that. Hahahha," said Richard Ekvixaysack of Fresno.

Richard Ekvixaysack and his family wanted to be among the first to arrive, to secure their favorite spot, and to spread out on their own private beach. Swimmers, kayakers and boaters took to the water to cool off in the triple degree weather.

" We had a few heat exhaustion calls last weekend," said Mark Deleon, Millerton Lake Park Ranger.

Park rangers patrolled the shoreline to keep a close eye on visitors, and to make sure everyone is staying healthy and hydrated in the stifling heat.

"So right now, we have lifeguards patrol the beaches, making contact with people asking them if they're drinking plenty of water and if they're safe." said Deleon.

Besides two people getting medical attention for symptoms of heat exhaustion, rangers say there were no major incidents and they are hoping to keep it that way over the holiday weekend.

"We just like to let people know where life vests if you're not a strong swimmer and watch your kids closely put a life vest on them it could save their life," Deleon said.

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