50 pounds of illegal fireworks confiscated

FRESNO, Calif.

Firefighters went to about 200 calls through the night. Firefighters rounded up about 50 pounds worth of illegal fireworks from Fresno County neighborhoods. They are reminding everyone, banned fireworks are dangerous.

The big bang and colorful explosions are the highlight of so many Fourth of Julys. But this popular attraction can become dangerous very quickly.

"We did have several injuries, some that are going to last the rest of their life, they are going to have to deal with those consequences," said Ryan Michael's from Cal Fire.

One person in Fresno County lost a thumb during a detonation, and blasts burned another person in the face. In total 11 citations were issued throughout the county.

"The illegal fireworks are not allowed to be sold in California, except for the large display companies that do the fireworks shows at the high school and different communities," said Eric Watkins from Cal Fire.

Any legal firework need a stamp of approval. On Thursday firework related calls resulted in $15,000 worth of damages. That is down from about $30,000, last Fourth of July. Crews say in the recent hot weather any banned display is a danger to both you and your neighbors.

"All week long we have been experiencing hundred plus degree temperatures. The humidity coming into this has been varied so we knew we had some extreme potential for some fire hazards," said Michaels.

Citations for being in possession of illegal fireworks are not cheap, they can cost you anywhere from $250,000.

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