Valley pets lost after Fourth of July

FRESNO, Calif.

A day after the Fourth of July, good samaritans rolled into the Central California SPCA with dogs they had found lost and confused around the City of Fresno.

"He was running in the street, almost got hit by a car. So I went into the intersection and got him when I got close, he just laid down and swooped up and took him in the car," Michael Maguire a good samaritan said.

Others who showed up at the Central California SPCA were looking for their dogs like Oralia Arredondo, who came with her sons looking for their boxer who disappeared overnight.

"It's kind hard for the kids. We've had him for nine years. So hopefully he's here." said Arredondo.

First, the Central California SPCA says lost dog owners need to head to the shelter in person.

"You want to make sure you come down and look in person and the most vital thing you can do if you don't find you pet right away is fill out a lost report, that lost report is going to help make those connections," said Beth Caffrey of the Central California SPCA.

Caffrey says that notification could make a world of a difference and place your pooch in the right hands. Over at Liberty Animal Control, officers say they knew the fireworks would set off some dogs and cause them to run.

" Our phones have been ringing off the hook. We've had a ton of phone calls, people who have been finding dogs, people who have lost their dogs/ we've been able and fortunate to make some connections," said Salvador Cortez a Liberty Animal Control Officer.

Animal officials are hoping to cheer up these sad faces and place them back with their homes. As for Oalia Arredondo, her effort to find her dog ended on a happy note. Saki was found near their home and reunited with the family.

Officials with the SPCA and Liberty Animal Control say with so many animals coming in and out of their facilities, they are urging people to continue to search for their pets. Officials also say this is good reminder to have your animal properly identified and updated pictures of your pet. Microchips can help identify your pet. People can get microchips in their pets for $15 at the SPCA through the weekend.

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