Good Sports: Wheelchair Athlete turns to Project Walk

FRESNO, Calif.

"I have determination. It is a challenge and I'm always up for a challenge." said Littlecreek.

Cameron is forced to use a wheelchair after a serious car accident at 13 left his spine severely bruised as a teenager. The 25-year-olds goal is to someday strengthen his legs and eventually walk again.

But despite his best efforts, he has not been unable to do it on his own. That is why he is turning to a program called Project Walk, a premier spinal cord injury and recovery center in the United States.

Cameron says Project Walk offers things no one else can.

"All the equipment is really cool. And you see all of the people that are people that are pretty much like me, that want to better what their doing." added Littlecreek.

Action News met Cameron back in the spring of 2012, when he and his brother trained for a local half marathon. He is eclipsed that feat since then, completing a full marathon this past may. But like any athlete, Cameron wants more. He wants to walk again.

"I keep thinking in my mind, this is my ultimate fitness challenge. I did a couple of exercises the other day and, you know I could work out my arms and everything. And once I start working my legs I start here comes the sweat you know," said Littlecreek.

And Cameron is looking to take on that ultimate challenge a few times a week at Project Walk. The center has only a few locations, so Cameron and his wife Tiffanie will pack up their things and head to Texas where the Dallas facility awaits. Tiffanie says the support from their families has been vital to their decision to leave everything behind.

"Hopefully I can give him as much support as he needs to get through it. I know It's going to be tough and long hard days working out there, but I think he can do it." said Tiffanie Littlecreek.

And if Cameron's going to do it he and Tiffanie will be doing it together.

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