Valley woman's fundraising money goes missing


Ashlei Frazier of Clovis is blessed to be able to play with her daughters – especially after her youngest one, Madyn, was diagnosed with Leukemia. "My daughter was diagnosed when she was 21 months old in 2011," said Frazier.

Now three years old, Madyn takes chemo every day. And her mother has made it her mission to help find a cure through fundraising efforts. Just last month, she held a yard sale outside her home. But what happened next is troublesome.

"An hour and a half into our yard sale, I took a lot of our proceeds and put them aside, because I didn't want them to get taken," said Frazier. "Then about an hour later I went back to add to it and all of the cash that I had set aside was missing."

Frazier doesn't know where the money went – which totaled close to $600. "I can't help but think either it was misplaced or it was taken," said Frazier.

She thinks someone could have entered her house and stolen the cash during the sale. Still, she's not letting the incident dampen her spirits. "Although that $580 would definitely help us find a cure, it's not going to stop us. We have lots of other fundraisers coming up," said Frazier.

Now, she's looking to the brighter side of things. In two weeks, Madyn will go into remission for 2 years and her final chemo treatment will be this October. "When she was diagnosed, she had a better than 85 percent chance of complete survival. It's almost 90 percent. So research saves lives," said Frazier.

And it's that research she hopes continues with her fundraising efforts.

If you were at the yard sale in Clovis and saw anything suspicious, you can call the Central California chapter of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society at (559) 435-1482.

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