Triple digit temperatures affecting Valley business

FRESNO, California

"It's hot and people don't go places when it's hot," said Nora Lee.

Lee and her family stay inside when it's above 100 degrees, but they get a workout in at dusk.

She said, "The sun is down, the cool the breeze, you can feel it, it feels good."

When the sun is up in full force, people at local restaurants are also looking for shelter.

"It feels really hot so it's nice to be in here," said Natalie Cheema.

Cheema and almost all customers at Wassabi in Fig Garden are also looking for shelter in this scorching weather.

Bar manager Daren Hilyard said, "It doesn't help business for it to be 110 degree outside. I mean who wants to be outside in 110 degree weather anyway. "

Business at the weekly River Park Farmers' Market was down because of the weather.

"It has been very, very slow. We have had a lot of down time," said Alisia Thaoxaothay.

Vendors at the market say they have a lot more work to do when it's this hot. They have to make sure all their produce is stored in a cool place. They even wash their produce several times to make sure it stays fresh.

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