Brook's Performance auto shop shuts down

FRESNO, California

The lights at Brook's Performance auto shop in Southwest Fresno are off and the doors locked. And customers have been left in the dark as to what's going on.

"It made us feel scared that maybe they sold it, It's not there," said Janelle Davis. Her sand rail has been in the shop for several months but when she called the owner on Monday, the number was disconnected and she hasn't been able to get a hold of anyone. "We don't know what's going on, have we been ripped off?" asked Davis.

She's not the only one left stranded. "We've had people contact us to help get their property returned to them," said William Malone with the Bureau of Automotive Repair, a state department with Consumer Affairs.

Malone said Brook's Performance has a state license to operate. The bureau hasn't received any complaints, until now. "When we found out what was going on, we called them into our office, sat down with them and explained to them they needed to release the property back to the people," said Malone.

Outside the shop, there's a sign on the door informing customers if they want their car or parts returned, they need to pick it up on Thursday. Action News tried getting a hold of the owner but we were redirected to his attorney.

"My clients have secured the shop, done an inventory and are now trying to get a hold of their customers to let them know what they're going to be doing with their vehicles," said Andrew Magwood, who represents the owner of Brook's Performance.

This stems from a dispute of ownership. According to court documents, the previous owner is suing the current owner over unmet payments. That led three mechanics to walk out of the job -- essentially halting business.

But the business' legal troubles are dragging customers into the fray. "You get a lot of compassion out of your patrons and the people in our community if you just call them up and say, 'hey we can't finish the work,'" said Davis.

Customers wanting to pick up their property can do so Thursday from 9am -- 3pm.

If you want to get a hold of the business, call their new number at (559) 871-0820.

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