Good Sports: Wheelchair Athlete/Project Walk Donation

FRESNO, Calif.

At Project Walk Dallas we use the same principles of elite athletic conditioning, formulating intense exercise programs that use performance conditioning to reorganize and reactivate the nervous system. When they human body is deprived of the effects of gravitational loading (which is the effect all our clients face sitting in a wheelchair daily), there is a loss of muscle mass, bone density, circulation, lung capacity, coordination and Central Nervous System activity. The modalities used at Project Walk Dallas work to counteract these symptoms. If you would like to help support your loved one in their journey towards recovery the following outlines acceptable methods for donating. Every hour at Project Walk Dallas costs $100 and clients generally work with a specialist for 2-3 hours per day, 2-4 times per week. Thus in a given month the cost of our program ranges from $1,600 - $4,800.

Donation via CHECK: If you would like to provide financial support to a specific client you may write a check payable to Project Walk Dallas and mail the check to:

Project Walk 5850 El Camino Real. Carlsbad, CA 92008

In the memo field of the check please make sure to notate that the donation is on behalf of the specific individual by naming the client.

Donation via PAYPAL: If you would like to provide financial support to a specific client you may use the paypal link located at the bottom of our homepage at The steps to donate via paypal are:

1. At the bottom of our homepage enter a dollar amount and click the "donate" button.

2. This will direct you to the paypal page for our business where you are asked to log in. If you do not already have a paypal account, you may quickly create one.

3. After you have logged in you will see the amount you selected. Just below this there is a message that reads: "Add special instructions to recipient"

It is very important to click on this link and write in the box that your donation is for whomever you are donating to. Simply type "This donation is for CLIENT'S NAME".

4. Then click the button at the bottom of that page that says "Donate $XXX USD Now" and we will automatically receive the donation and credit that client's account.

For more information or any questions on other ways of giving, call our Marketing & Fundraising Department at 760-431-9789 or send email to

If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding how to donate for a specific client, please call us at 972.386.0701 and ask for Kendell Hall.

Thank you for supporting our clients and their mission to recover.

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