Crews clean semi truck crash in Dos Palos

FRESNO, Calif.

It happened after a truck carrying the fuel crashed into a tree, and pinned in the driver.

HazMat crews worked for hours mopping up about 200 gallons of jet fuel that leaked onto a dirt road right off Highway 33. Margie Birdsell watched crews clean up the spill.She and her neighbors heard a loud crash when the truck slammed into a tree.

"He was very lucky to be alive. When we first got out here and people started stopping we thought it was going to be a fatality," Birdseel said.

California Highway patrol says the driver was heading South when he veered off the road. CHP says he was conscious when he was flown to a nearby hospital, but their focus then turned to the highly flammable liquid leaking near the highway.

"The danger is the type of fuel that it is, is that s can flash, and catch fire," said Sgt. William Hill with California Highway Patrol.

At one point two homes were evacuated, but neighbors are thankful everyone who lives in the area is okay.

"We were just concerned about the family across the street, they are fairly new and they have young children," Birdsell said.

At this time there is no word on what caused the crash.

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