Police say drunk driver hits and kills 82-year-old man

FRESNO, Calif.

Investigators say the hit and run crash happened near the intersection of Hazelwood and Woodward just before 7:30 p.m. Police say the driver was drunk and he also was a parolee.

Broken bricks and a hose sprawled across this street were a reminder to neighbors of the driver who killed an 82-year-old man, and then tried to get away.

"It makes me feel terrible that there's people in this world that just don't care. And don't think about who it will affect their family," said witness Briana Sorondo.

Sorondo saw the chaos outside her home and says she rushed towards it. There witnesses saw the elderly man with severe head trauma. Police say 22-year-old Alonso Abymael was driving erratically before the hit and run.

"A drunk driver was driving in a black Volks Wagon Jetta he almost hit a family that was on a sidewalk and then he swerved around south of Hazelwood," a Fresno Police officer said.

Although the drunk driver missed a family, investigators say Abymael turned a corner and slammed into the man, who investigators say was just watering his lawn.

"Knocked the 82 year old man on the hood of the car, the car continued south, knocked the man over the street and then he ran over the man," a Fresno Police officer said.

Witnesses say the suspect tried to drive away but they called 911. Police arrested Abymael a short while later on Highway 180 near Highway 99. The victim passed away at a nearby hospital.

"His face was like so bloody, he was bleeding from everyone I couldn't even recognize his face," said Sorondo.

Abymael was arrested for vehicular manslaughter, and may face charges of felony DUI and felony hit an run. The man arrested was also driving on a a suspended license.

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