George Zimmerman ruling draws mixed reactions in Valley

FRESNO, Calif.

Some who watched the trial agree Zimmerman acted in self-defense, but others say the jurors got it wrong.

" I wish the whole situation would have never happened, but if someone was bashing my skull into the ground, I would hope I would have a gun to protect myself, I really would," said Jeff Tarkington of Visalia.

" That's heartbreaking, it's really heartbreaking, that's not justice, there's no justice found anywhere in that trial," said Brandon Jaime of Fresno.

Despite the divide, it appears protestors are remaining peaceful. This is aerial video from outside the courthouse as the verdict was read. We've learned police are also escorting a large crowd of demonstrators through San Francisco's Mission District Saturday.

More protests were underway in Oakland and Los Angeles. But at this point there are no reports of violence related to the verdict.

Action News will have the latest reaction and what is next for George Zimmerman starting with AM LIVE Sunday morning.

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