Los Banos man donates kidney to his girlfriend

FRESNO, Calif.

She is receiving a kidney from someone who beat incredible odds to be a match.

Lindsey Miller has spent nearly two years doing ten hours of dialysis to clean her blood every night, and worrying she may not wake up in the morning.

"It's been very difficult, it's been a struggle every day not knowing day to day if you're going to be alive or not," said Miller.

The 23-year-old was diagnosed as a child with Polycystic Kidney Disease, a genetic condition that often causes the kidneys to fail. Her mother and sister are living with the same disorder, and several other family members have died from it. Lindsey says she nearly suffered that same fate in 2011.

"We went to the ER, and the ER doctor came in and was like, you're really sick, and you should be dead right now," said Miller.

Lindsey quickly got on a donor list and even set up a Facebook page asking friends to get tested. Her boyfriend, Brandon Kelley, gladly volunteered, and the couple was shocked to learn he is a nearly perfect match. They say the odds are about one in 30 in a thousand

"Oh it was awesome, I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. Just knowing I'm able to do this for her is great," Kelley said.

Brandon is now preparing to donate a kidney to his girlfriend at a San Francisco medical center on July 19. He knows there are risks, including infection. But the 25-year-old says saving the life of the woman he loves overshadows those concerns.

"There's always fear because it is surgery, and I've never been through a major surgery, but as far as any hesitation, no, not whatsoever," Kelley said.

Lindsey says she will always be indebted to Brandon, and knows they will soon share an even stronger bond than the one they already have.

"It means everything to me. He's been my rock, he's been everything, cries looks at him," Kelley said.

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