Nearly 200 kids do repairs in a Clovis neighborhood

FRESNO, Calif.

Many of the students are no strangers to the heat, coming from places like Arizona and New Mexico, but the students say they plan to get an early start and carry plenty of water while renovating 15 homes over the next four days.

"We're either going to be landscaping dong stuff like that or we're going to be building fences, doing roofs, something," said Zack Jesse.

Neighbors in this Clovis community will be getting some pricey repair work done for free thanks to a little help from above.

" I just wanted to come help and change the world and come and spread Jesus to everybody," said Shawna Lacey from New Mexico.

Over the next four days nearly 200 junior high, high school and college students with the christian-based group "World Changers" will renovate 15 homes in lower income neighborhoods, including a mobile home park off Shaw and Minnewawa.

"We do work like that of habitat for humanity. We paint houses, do some landscaping, build decks and it's a way to provide students with a way to live out their faith and love of god by helping communities they've never really been to before," said World Changers spokes person Landry Vaught." We're from new Mexico so we're used to the dry heat, but the humidity over here is just crazy," Vaught said.

Come Tuesday the kids will be working in triple degree weather to paint homes and replace siding.

"We have lots of water, bottles and stuff to give them, we'll keep them in the shade as much as possible, just whenever they don't have to be in the sun, we'll keep them inside," said

For some it is a chance to travel, meet new people and learn new skills.

"I think it's awesome. It warms my heart every week that we do this. To see kids pay $250 on average to come here to work on someone else's home, it' just an awesome experience to see," said

For others it is a chance to serve and spruce up the place these residents call home. This is the 10th year World Changers has come to Clovis and it is the only California City the organization is assisting this year.

The volunteers are staying here at Clovis North High School, and will be drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated in the heat.

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